Thank you so much for your interest in flour! If you would like to contact Autumn for more information about flowers or sweets for you upcoming event please email Autumn at

If you are ready to request a quote from flour! please email us at; you will need a basic idea of what you are looking for including preliminary counts and pictures that can be uploaded. We will be able to give an initial quote based in the information provided with this form we will email you with any questions we have while working on your quote. Once you have received your initial proposal we can schedule a phone call to work out the specific details and answer all questions.

Do you have a minimum?

Yes, to provide the most amazing personal service that is our standard during the season we do need to limit the amount of events that we can provide full service including delivery & set up. Minimums start at $5,000 for local events and vary depending on distance from the studio in Wells and date, we can be more flexible in the off-season. 

Email: autumn